The quality, size, material, and features of a balcony or balustrade make a significant contribution to the entire aesthetic of your home. This makes your railing a crucial factor to consider. And while railings can be made from various materials, such as wood, aluminum, metal, and composite, none rivals the glass in terms of visual appeal.

Residential glass railing offers your home a unique look you can hardly find elsewhere. These projects are a great fit for all spaces, offering an ideal blend of free-form and sophistication with an invisible appearance. They provide a boundless view, head-swooning appeal, and an awe-inspiring level of durability.

However, aesthetics are never enough. Safety matters equally, or even more. Residential glass railing systems have to be set up by certified professionals with critical knowledge. This is why the experts at CRL Glass Railings are your best shot at streamlined architectural appeal and absolute safety when constructing your exterior or interior railings.

Exterior Glass Railings

Exterior railings are designed to guard spaces outside your home, like the decks and balconies. These designs are constructed to withstand harsh outdoor elements like rain and sunshine. So, whether you live in California or Hawaii, you don’t have to worry about the weather backlash. They are also more resilient.

The exterior glass railing systems you can install at home are:

Porch Railing

How would you like curbs that let you see without hindrance? An irony given curbs are meant to restrict, but not in the case of the glass porch railing. Enhance the curb design of your home, as well as the security if you choose to use acrylic glass. And of course, you can keep out the curious gazes with curtains.

Patio Railing

Offer royalty to your visitors, regardless of their status, with the glass patio railing system. Awe them too, with the presence of majestic patio posts as they set foot on your doorstep. Nothing beats a homely welcome.

Railing For Balcony

Improve not only the appearance of your home in photographs with the installation of a glass balcony railing but also the safety of your home. Glass balconies have no spaces and columns that kids or pets can squeeze through. Let’s not forget the opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Railing For Deck

Keep your breath seized as you watch your partner sashaying across your family resort from the other side of the deck. A glass deck railing considerably improves the appeal of your residential building. Have a custom-made panel just for you.

Interior Glass Railings

Interior glass railings are mounted inside your home, but unlike the exterior railings, the main focus here is security. They are built within specific building codes. Interior railings are typically for the balustrade and staircase. This hardware are up to a preset standard.

Glass Balustrade

Glass handrails make an elegant way of protecting exposed stairways and spaces inside your home. They are much more effective for security, offering a durable yet boundless curb while employing a more appealing system. Say hello to glossy, compact, and seamless construction.

Glass Railing For Staircase

The residential glass stair railing is the most common form of glass railings in homes, and for good reason. Construction codes demand that the exposed sides of an interior staircase are safeguarded to prevent accidental falls. Wood or metal could not possibly do this job well due to the spaces between the posts.

Common Questions Associated With Residential Glass Railing Systems

What Are Glass Railing Systems Made Of?

Glass panels are made with tempered glass, which is at least four times stronger than the ordinary glass you may be familiar with. Therefore, tempered glass is thicker and more durable, meaning that it will take a lot of effort to break your railings. Here’s what’s better: when it eventually breaks, tempered glass does not shatter into a million jagged shards like other types. Rather, it breaks into small, comparatively harmless pieces.

To make tempered glass, a process has to be followed. First, the desired size is first cut out of ordinary glass, following which an abrasive (like sandpaper) is used to tame the wild edges of the glass. The glass is then subjected to heat in a tempering oven at 600-620 degrees Celsius. The next step is called “quenching,” which is to blast the glass surface with high-pressure air using numerous nozzles to cool the glass.

Another method is to subject the glass to chemical tampering, but this is a far more expensive process to complete.

Glass Railing Specifications

There are no specific code requirements for glass railing system residential constructions. Railing specifications must be measured according to the size of the area in question. You cannot use the railing code for a balcony for your patio, nor can you use the measurements for someone else’s home in yours.

Specifications have to be perfect for your home. The correct specs are what make your glass railings beautiful and secure.

However, there are three areas which the IBC 2015 (International Building Code 2015) specifies: glass requirements, top-rail use, and glass-edge appearance. You don’t have to bother yourself with this, though. The professionals at CRL Glass Railings have an actual phase for measuring specifications. You don’t have to bother with this.

Are Glass Stair Railings And Deck Railings Safe?

Safety concerns have always been a major cry against glass panels, particularly for staircases and decks. This is understandable given that most people are only familiar with ordinary glass.  The use of tempered glass, however, nullifies any fear you may have.

  • A tempered glass panel is strong. It can only be broken by applying 24 000 pounds per square inch (psi). For comparison, humans can only withstand 50 psi; the hardest a trained professional can punch is 300 psi, and the human skull (man’s strongest bone) breaks at 520 psi.
  • That aside, glass handrails and deck railings are even much safer than traditional railings because there are no spaces or columns to squeeze through. Wooden banisters and decks always have spaces between them that pets and kids can fall through. There are various causes of home accidents due to these spaces.
  • Lastly, glass railings cannot be climbed. There’s nowhere your kids can place their legs on to climb to the top. Glass cannot be climbed except jumped over, and I don’t see how that’s possible.

Conclusion On Railing System

The reason people are worried about the applications of glass railings at home is the safety of their kids. However, this fear is psychological and nothing realistic. Glass railing systems are more secure than other traditional methods of the railing. An adult cannot punch his way through tempered glass, and it will take time even if he has a hammer. There is no space anywhere for preventable accidents, nor can kids climb over the railing. There really is little risk involved.

However, there may be dangers, but only from the part of the residential glass company that installs the system OR extreme carelessness on your part. Taking out the latter possibility and focusing on the first, it is clear why there’s repeated emphasis on hiring the best hands for your home railings.

Not to forget, glass post railings can be built for your commercial properties too. All it takes is to call and meet up with the experts who’ll make your imaginations come alive.