A beautiful and classy deck can significantly improve your home’s appeal. Glass barriers have become a popular and most preferred railing solution for decks today. Their aesthetic appeal, design versatility, durability, unobstructed views, and cleaning ease make them an excellent railing system for most modern homes.

There are several glass railing systems today you can install in your home. It’s best to select the right glass system that fits your home’s design. If you’re looking for the best glass railing system or a reason to install one in your home, then you’re in the right place.

This article comprehensively discusses all the available glass railing systems for decks, the types of glasses used for deck railing, and the strengths and drawbacks of using glass railing. Kindly read through to the end to discover more about glass railing systems.

Types Of Glass Railings For Decks

Using glass is the surest way to increase your home’s value and luxury. You can explore the elegance, sophistication, and other added benefits they offer by exploring the many railing systems available today.

Here are five kinds of glass railing systems you can install in your home:

Frameless glass deck railing

These railing systems usually don’t have bordering frames, offering unimpeded and unobstructed views. They’re an excellent choice for deck railing for individuals looking for stunning and unapparelled deck views.

Framed glass deck railing

Framed railing systems are widely used today. They’re luxurious and safe deck railing options because they are held firmly with solid frames, which can be metal or aluminum.

During installation, these systems are usually secured on numerous surface types, including concrete and wooden decks. They’re a suitable deck railing choice for people wanting scenic deck railing systems with preserved views and sightlines.

Tempered glass deck railing

This is a type of glass railing system created from several glass panels hardened with heat. Making tempered glass involves heating pre-cut glass to about 1200F inside a tempering furnace and then cooling it using the quenching method.

Tempered glasses usually are about 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glasses. They’re also more resistant to shattering, corrosion, and breaking and are tolerant to extreme temperatures. Installing and cleaning tempered railing is relatively simple.

Metal and glass deck railing

This type of railing system usually has metal frames. Some of the common metals used to frame glass railing systems are stainless steel and wrought iron. These systems also come in many designs to cater to everyone’s needs.

Aluminium glass deck railing

Aluminum glass systems are another robust and durable railing solution. They’re easy to install, offer a vast creating design, and high sound insulation. These glass railings can come in many finishes, including shiny and matte black and satin anodized.

The advantage of anodized aluminum is its enhanced strength. It’s usually 30% stronger than stainless steel. Aluminum glass railing systems are good options for people desiring quick, modern, and high-end deck railing remedies at a pocket-friendly price.

The best type of glass for deck railing systems

Glass railing systems usually are made from different types of glasses. There are many types of glass with varying shapes, sizes, thickness, colors, compositions, and designs. All these factors can significantly affect the durability, appeal, and strength of glass balustrades.

The common types of glass types include textured, transparent, annealed, tinted, acoustic, satin, and spandrel glass. The three best glass used for deck railing systems are:

Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses usually are hardened through the heating of ordinary glass at a 1200F temperature then force-cooled to form edge and surface compression. They’re usually heated to enhance their resistance to external stresses and meet the required safety glazing requirements.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glasses usually have two piles held together interlayers to create a robust and safe glass. They usually have varying thicknesses and can be made with numerous glass combinations/layers for enhanced qualities such as increased insulation. There are durable and robust options for glass deck railing systems.

Annealed Glass

Annealing describes the process where glass is slowly cooled to remove all internal stress after it’s made. Glasses that don’t undergo this process usually have internal stress that makes them unstable and easy to break, crack, or shatter under extreme temperatures and force/weight.

Pros and Cons of Glass Barriers for Decks

While glass deck railing is a luxurious and high-end balustrade option, they have their drawbacks and strengths.

The benefits you’ll enjoy for installing a glass deck railing are:

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Glass railings offer the most luxurious and fashionable deck designs today. They give homes a modern and modest look with their sleekness, versatile layouts, and unobstructed sights.

If you have a patio, veranda, or deck with a breath-taking view, then you should consider installing a glass railing system for more apparent sights.

A strong barrier

Glass railing systems reduce the blustery breeze destructions by providing a durable and robust barrier for wind.

Lasts longer

Most glass barriers usually are constructed using high-end and strong glass like tempered glass, and they hardly break, crack, or shatter. They’ll give you a modern and attractive deck for many decades after installation.

The disadvantages of glass railing systems for decks are:

Slightly expensive

Glass railing is usually an expensive railing option than other available choices in the market today. But considering their advantages, installing one in your is a worthwhile decision. Also, their price may vary with installation method (DIY or professional).

Frequent cleaning and maintenance

Glass barriers need to be cleaned more frequently to maintain their luster and striking look. You need to thoroughly clean your glass railing inside and out and replace any loose fittings if they undergo wear and tear over time.

Reduced privacy

Clear glass railings offer very minimal privacy to your home. They may be a wrong choice for individuals who greatly value their privacy. Luckily, there are glass railing systems for such people, for example, frosted glass deck barriers.


Glass railing systems are the best and up-to-the-minute solutions for improving homes value and appeal today. They’re stylish, have vast design options, and offer unobstructed views. However, it’s best to select a glass railing system that fits your home’s design and is made from solid and durable glass for safety and extended use.