Exterior glass railing systems are meant for outdoor spaces — as the title suggests. These are intended to guard the immediate areas outside your home and keep those who live inside safer. External railings add to the beauty and value of a home from the outside, but they add even more when they are made of glass.

The presence of exterior glass railing in your home offers a distinct sense of superiority and tranquility. The glass indicates sophistication at a glance, with the construction so calm and firmly rooted. These systems are built keeping in mind the harshness of common weather elements: rain, wind, sunshine. They are commendably resilient — a truly tough surface to crack.

Importantly, the exterior glass railing can be built for residential and commercial buildings. Examples of glass exterior railing systems are deck, balcony, and porch.

Exterior Glass Railing Types

There are four major types of exterior glass railing systems, and selecting the best depends on the outlook and design of your home. Would a porch fit your home well, or would a deck be the perfect fit?

The following are the most common types of exterior glass railing across the globe:

Glass Porch Railing

For someone who receives several guests daily, a transparent glass porch is highly recommended. This is because the installation allows you to keep an eye on those who come visiting. On the other hand, however, an opaque glass porch railing has a reverse effect, and it offers you more privacy. It is necessary to keep in mind now that glass porch railings have beautiful effects on your home, regardless of the glass type you choose. Either improve the curb appeal of your house.

Glass Patio Railing

It is arguable, but the patio railing is most likely the first thing a passerby would notice about your home. You don’t want that to be some old-fashioned, dour wooden construction. It is much preferable to use glass if aesthetics truly matter to you. Apart from this, the glass patio makes the first impression on people coming inside your home. It would not hurt in any way to make people feel royal as they climb up your terrace.

Glass Railing For Balcony

Glass balcony railings make your home a wonder to behold. They improve the looks of your home greatly and do even more. A glass balcony railing makes your home much more secure too. They are usually made with transparent instead of opaque or translucent panels. This is to provide you with a good spot for observing striking scenery from a vantage point. You’re also enabled to see your surroundings with ease, thus staying ahead of potential trouble. Glass railings have no columns or spaces in-between, so a glass railing balcony eliminates the possibility of a child having an accident up there.

Glass Railing For Deck

Your glass deck railing is a creative new window to possibilities. It grants you access to another part of your home. With a smartly installed glass deck, you can easily watch your spouse sashay in a bikini across the garden and keep an eye on the fun your kids are having in the yard. This deck also ups the value of your home.

Exterior Glass Railings: Advantages For Properties?

There are various advantages to installing exterior glass railings over conventional panels (wood, metal, and whatever’s in-between). Check out the amazing reasons to have glass exterior railing projects in your home.

Aesthetics: This has always been one of the most spectacular advantages of glass railings. If you are a person with a keen eye on the beauty of your home, you would never have second thoughts on glass railings. They allow light to filter in your home while helping to minimize space — important considerations for life in the city. Let’s not forget about the boundless view they provide your home.

Safety: Safety has to come first or second among the benefits of glass railings. It may sound surprising, but glass railings are indeed safer than the conventional means of the railing. They are made from tempered glass panels, which are extremely tough glass. There is no possibility of the fixtures breaking underneath you. There are no spaces, so kids or pets can’t squeeze through. What else? There’s no climbing over them. Lastly, they can be molded into any shape and size, so there’s always a perfect fit for every part of your home.

Easy To Clean: Hard to counter the visual pleasantness of ornate iron railings, but it’s even harder to clean them yourself. Glass railings (unlike their wood or metal counterparts) do not require varnish to prevent rust or maintain their shine. Simple soap and water applications are always enough.

Glass Railing Ordering Considerations

Ordering your glass railing systems has to be after considering some factors, which include:

Code Requirements

It is necessary that your preferred exterior glass railing meets code requirements for that particular building. These are safety codes that ensure contractors don’t install a disastrous project in your home. Do not insist on a system of contractors consider it out of code.

Ease of Installation

The importance of this is hardly known until you are tight on finances. This is because the main reason to pick easily installed systems is that they are quicker to set up and require lower labor costs.

Type of Glass

There are exterior frameless glass railing systems and their framed counterpart. Frameless railings don’t have a border or support structure and are held in place with base screens and a clamp post system. Framed glass railings are, on the other hand, come with handrails and stainless steel cable posts.

Wrap Up

Glass railing systems are good installations for any home. They provide a unique edge that no other railing project could allow. They improve the aesthetics and security of your home, are easy to clean, and are highly flexible. However, you have to make sure they are properly done, so pay attention to the considerations listed. And here’s a little secret: exterior glass railing projects are not as costly as the sophistication they offer.