At CRL Glass Railings, we recognize the need for perfection in our glass railing installations and constantly strive towards it.

CRL Glass Railings may not be the first in glass railing systems, but we pride ourselves on our pioneering work of research in the field.  Since our establishment in 2015, CRL has been unrelenting in its pursuit of culmination. This is because we understand that there is no margin for error in our line of work. We do not see ourselves as constructors only; we are paramedics who want to see you live. As such, every professional at CRL, starting from the bottom hierarchy to the top, has a hundred percent vote of confidence from internal and external regulators.

CRL Glass Railings is specialized in the installation of residential and commercial glass railing systems, both for exterior and interior spaces. Our outdoor setups are designed to be more resilient and firmer to withstand harsh weather elements, while the inner fixings are installed with greater emphasis on safety, focusing on sustaining laid-out building codes. Our outdoor systems include glass porch railing, glass patio railing, glass balcony railing, and glass deck railing, while indoor installations are mainly glass balustrade railing and glass staircase railing.

To ensure absolute safety, we follow a thorough process for our operations. The genesis of our gigs is a sketch from you, or a consultation, after which we send a designated team to work out the exact specifications for your home before the 2D and 3D renderings. This is followed by a review of the renderings to know if you’re satisfied with them. If you are, shipping and installation come next. However, safety is merely the first of our considerations; it is not all.

We are equally concerned with the aesthetics of your home, so alongside the focus on security, we engage outstanding creativity to ensure your home has a mind-blowing facelift when we are done with our installations. We use materials of the best quality that you can find across the world. Thus, these materials in the hands of our seasoned experts are only going to turn out one way: the finest glass railing system you can find anywhere. Our installations are legacy systems, which means that they will remain in good form for more than your lifetime.

CRL Glass Railings is the winner of the National Excellence Agency Award 2020 and has worked with reputable brands like HEMISFERIO and CGLOBAL. You can find us at our headquarters: 2820 Ocean Avenue, Apt C3, Brooklyn, NY.